Red Bull Latagrafica

For the last two years WAG has worked in collaboration with Red Bull on an annual campaign called Latagrafica who’s mission is to give local latino artists a chance to create original artwork that will be displayed on a special run Red Bull can. This year, 10 artists were selected to paint inspiring murals across Los Angeles.

WAG built a fun, interactive microsite to help showcase each of the artists, their life story and most importantly, their work. In order to sufficiently pay heed to the art produced for the campaign, the design and layout of the site is visually heavy with lots of photos. But in addition to showcasing the artists work, the website was also designed to generate buzz and encourage user interaction so we also included links to artist interviews, developed an instagram photo grid that pulls in specifically hashtagged photos, and a dynamic map that tracks the murals as they pop up around Los angeles.


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