Pershing Square

We’ve also been asked to join the Pershing Square Task Force which is dedicated to completely revamping Downtown LA’s Pershing Square Park over the next few years.

We assisted in data capture and list management and currently handle all community outreach collateral, branding, website design and development.

Launch Party

In November of 2014 WeAreGiants participated in the planning, ideation and execution of the Pershing Square Renew Launch Party. Downtown community members and stakeholders were invited to learn more about the renewal process, and help to shape the future of Pershing Square by providing feedback and input at various interactive stations throughout the event.  Visitors were incentivized with promotional items that could be collected once all stations had been visited.

Event Collateral

WAG created a full suite of promotional materials for the PS Renew Campaign. Party goers were encouraged to visit various locations around the venue where they could interact, play games and get educated on specific statistics and information about Pershing Square and public spaces.

Each of these “info stations” included a punch card, once each station’s challenge was met the visitor’s email address was exchanged for a promotional item of their choosing.

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